House Sales Market Expecting Buyer Strike

House Sales Market

The last few months have been frightening times for the Perth property market. Prices have spiked recently, but many experts believe it’s going to be short-lived. Covid-19 has influenced our local property market and could possibly even crash, this makes it important to learn about what to expect as well as put steps into place such using external house painters from Perth to ensure you get the best price for your property if you are looking to sell in upcoming months.

Let’s have a look at what you can expect and do if you are selling your property in Perth:

Adapting With The New Change 

The Coronavirus has and is going to bring change to the property market in Perth and although we expected rent prices to grow this year, it is expected to be flat. The seller’s boom to come into Perth sales market is concerning because there will be people who will need to sell their property.

There is a lot of middle-class owners who have recently lost their stable income and are facing high mortgage payments. Although the Government and banks are trying to ease pressure on owners, it will be a temporary solution. Some industries win, some lose unluckily. On the flip side, there will be industries who are stable and even those who win due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

There are also those, who are in a stable job position, who are now more likely to get into Perth housing market in the following months. There will certainly be a great competition for the best buy. Even if overall house sales do decrease, there is still going to be buyers who have free capital and are eligible for home loans. This is great news for Perth homeowners who are looking to sell their home. 

Power Position Will Guarantee a Successful Sale 

For those who are actively looking to sell their property, it’s best to put yourself into buyers’ mindset. Actively look at other listings in your neighbourhood, and define an average price per square meter. Next, you should compare other properties and your own to identify any maintenance that needs to be done prior to a sale to increase your property value. List all possible fixes such as using residential painters in Perth to add a fresh coat of paint to your interior. Then, evaluate the investment needed with the potential return on your investment. 

Pressure To Lower Prices 

Many Perth homeowners expect that buyers will be actively calculating their best options and try to pressure owners to drop on the asked sale price. This is something that is completely normal, but the current crisis makes it more difficult for the owners. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to add value to a property is with a new paint job. Why not increase your property value before sale either completely or with a simple touch-up from your local painting contractor