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House Sales Market Expecting Buyer Strike

The last few months have been frightening times for the Perth property market. Prices have spiked recently, but many experts believe it's going to be short-lived. Covid-19 has influenced our local property market and could possibly even crash, this makes it important to learn about what to expect as well as put steps into place such using external house painters from Perth to ensure you get the best price for your property if you are looking to sell in upcoming months. Let’s have a look at what you can expect and do if you are selling your property in Perth:...

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House Painters Perth

Pre-Sale House Painting – Is it worth the Investment?

When preparing your property for sale, there are several strategies to consider. Should I keep the property as-is and try to get the best market price? Should I do minimum tasks myself? Or should I find and engage professionals? It's common to ask these sorts of questions because selling your house or apartment is a huge move and most of us sell or buy only a few properties in our lifetime. Where to start First of all, you need to know your intentions. Are you looking to get rid of the property, because it's a burden or are you looking...

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How to Make your House Interior Look Spacious with Paint

Small rooms can sometimes be tricky to decorate, and the colour used on the walls makes a  lot of difference in the overall appearance of the room. The smartest way to alter the look and feel of your house is by revamping it. All you have to do is change the colours of your walls with a fresh coat of paint. But how would you know which colour to use so that the room would look bigger? It is not very difficult as you may think, and the outcome will blow your mind once you fall in love with your...

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