View some of our commercial and residential painting projects in Perth

Full exterior re-paint in Mosman Park 

Project: The property is next to the river/ocean, surfaces where damaged by heavy winds carrying ocean salt. Hot sun increases the pores in the paint, which results in greater absorption of salty moisutre and finally more corrosion.


Industrial grade paint. Barrier coat for protection against chemical attack

#DULUX Duremax GPE zinc rich epoxy two-pack for iron fence and gates
#DULUX Weathermax HBR two-pack for iron fence and gates
#DULUX Weatherhsield for masonry surfaces

4 residential properties in Mt Hawthorn 

Project: This house in Mt Hawthron is the 4th on the same small street Delicate Painting has painted. In fact they all are in a row. One neighbour asked if we could do their house and it had a continious effect – we ended up doing 4 of them.

Member of Parliament office full re-paint 

Residential property repainting in Mt Hawthorn 

Project: Property needed exterior maintanance. By applying fresh colours it changed the overall feel and look of the house.


  • Refreshment coating to exterior walls

  • Window frames were painted

Residential property repainting in Mt Hawthorn

Project: This project is a classical example of exterior paint strip. Balcony sealing had some water damage.


  • Chemicals were added to remove old paint

  • Old coating was scraped off

  • Exterior walls and rafters got repainted

  • Stain blocker was applied to balcony sealing before the new coat

Large residential property in City Beach

Delicate Painting was the head contractor of the project and special thanks to Darek and Andreas with an amazing work ethic and City Beach rangers and all the neighbours.


  • Structure repairs

  • Unpainted exterior texture coating

  • Reinforced HeliBars installation

  • New top texturing

Interesting facts:

  • 380 liters of paint
  • The brick textured fence around the property had the total area of an average size 4×2 residential property

Painting project at Kensington 

Challenge: Client requested a fresh look for the home interior.


  • Living room was repainted

  • French door got a new look with a white coating.

  • Wooden door was coated with oil

Residential painting project at South Perth


  • Exterior walls were prepared and texture coated

  • Windows came from factory undercoated and two layers of Dulux top coat gloss were added