View some of our commercial and residential painting projects in Perth

Carmel Adventist College


Corrugated metal spraying


High elevated work. 40 degree heat. Narrow access. Precision boom lift driving. Masking surfaces for overspray

Our fleet

Bare timber ceiling spray


Raking bare timber ceiling spray


Its very important to use a proper undercoat with stain blocker capabilities. Timber that hasn’t been painted, especially ceiling has got moisture that has been built up over the years. This will react to the timber oils and ‘tanning’ will occur. It doesn’t matter how many coats of paint you apply, yellow stains are coming through.
We used our normal ‘go to’ undercoat, but it didn’t work. It had to be water based product to run it through the spray gun. I would definitely recommend using SMART PRIME water based undercoat/stain blocker. Its more expensive, but it’s performance is the same as oil-based stain blockers. Magic.

Aluminium door and window frame spray


Full interior and exterior repaint in Applecorss. Highlight: aluminium frames


Riverfront property with winterly winds are challenging when it comes to spraying. Everything has to be masked to prevent overspray to other surfaces and neighbours next door. Sliding doors needs to be sprayed in different positions to make sure it covers all the corners and angles.

Full Exterior Repaint in Kardinya

400 sqm floor space house in Kardinya that had a bad rust damage.

In order to repaint the house, we needed to grind metal back,  we re-rendered and patched damaged surfaces. Due to a larger home size, we needed to use elevated working platforms and safety harness on roof to ensure our safety.

Surf Life Savings Club repaint 

Repaint for the club steel window frames that are 10m from the ocean.

Salt and heavy winds make everything to rust in a short period of time. Weather and long curing time for the paint. Painting two pack epoxy (mixing two parts together): thick coatings, short time to apply (only an hour to apply before it goes off).


Grind back to bare surface to achieve a solid uniform finish.

Weatherboard Cottage 

Residential house that needed paint for walls, window frames, rafters, porch balustrade and front steps.

Key preparation:
We had to make sure that tiber was filled properly and sealed to keep the moisture away. We filled all the screw and nail holes, cracks and gaps from Perth weather.

On this project we decided to spray the walls as it gives better finish and saves time which results in favorable pricing for the customer.

Perth’s winter weather. It’s important that there is zero wind, otherwise neighbours might find overspray on their cars or somewhere else.

Full House re-paint in Como 

Project: Residential house that needed full re-paint. Some mold here and there.

Unpainted texture render is labour intense. When quoting, we tried to keep costs down as its not easy to explain over the phone that painting this porous surface takes lots of hours, the first coat (primer) will take roughly 5 times longer than a normal wall.

It is very important to apply primer first as the first coat just dissapears. This will give you the bridge gaping and you can start building the solid coatings on top to last.

Government Office re-paint in Inglewood  

Project: Older government office that needed full re-paint. Interior sealing had cracks and was badly flaking paint.

Challenge:  Restore original sealing elements and refresh building look.


  • Scrape all old surfaces off

  • Use filler products to smooth damaged surfaces

  • Restore original sealing elements

  • Repaint interior & exterior

  • Product used: One layer of oil based undercoat to more complex spots and DULUX Premium Cealing Flat paint for finishing.

East Perth townhouse re-paint  

Project: As seen on photos below, this was a more complex painting project, as we used various techniques and colours. In addition to work at heights, we had to use a scaffold.

Challenge: Clean and patch exterior wall cracks before re-paint. Keep all exterior lines sharp and equal.


  • Set up scaffold

  • Clean all surface

  • Use filler products to smooth and prepare the surface for exterior painting (seen on images)

  • Use masking tape to cover corners and lines for sharp finishes

  • Product used: DULUX Roll on Full Texture – highly recommended for that type of house, it dries fast and covers roughly 1/2 m2 per litre. Not the cheapest solution, but will last and stand out in the neighbourhood.

Residential exterior re-paint in East Perth 

Project: This is a typical case study of weather and sun-damaged weather and fascia boards. As seen on the photos, it hasn’t serviced for a long time. It causes flacking of paint. Also, the weather has damaged the fascia board corner surfaces to decay.

Challenge: Avoid the sun and work with 40-degree heat painting in Perth.


  • Clean all surfaces

  • Use filler products to smooth and prepare the surface for exterior painting

  • 4 coats of DULUX paint

  • For weatherboards extra 2 coats of DULUX Weathershield paint to protect it for the upcoming years.

Full exterior re-paint in Mosman Park 

Project: The property is next to the river/ocean, surfaces where damaged by heavy winds carrying ocean salt. Hot sun increases the pores in the paint, which results in greater absorption of salty moisutre and finally more corrosion.


Industrial grade paint. Barrier coat for protection against chemical attack

#DULUX Duremax GPE zinc rich epoxy two-pack for iron fence and gates
#DULUX Weathermax HBR two-pack for iron fence and gates
#DULUX Weatherhsield for masonry surfaces

4 residential properties in Mt Hawthorn 

Project: This house in Mt Hawthron is the 4th on the same small street Delicate Painting has painted. In fact they all are in a row. One neighbour asked if we could do their house and it had a continious effect – we ended up doing 4 of them.

Member of Parliament office full re-paint 

Residential property repainting in Mt Hawthorn 

Project: Property needed exterior maintanance. By applying fresh colours it changed the overall feel and look of the house.


  • Refreshment coating to exterior walls

  • Window frames were painted

Residential property repainting in Mt Hawthorn

Project: This project is a classical example of exterior paint strip. Balcony sealing had some water damage.


  • Chemicals were added to remove old paint

  • Old coating was scraped off

  • Exterior walls and rafters got repainted

  • Stain blocker was applied to balcony sealing before the new coat

Large residential property in City Beach

Delicate Painting was the head contractor of the project and special thanks to Darek and Andreas with an amazing work ethic and City Beach rangers and all the neighbours.


  • Structure repairs

  • Unpainted exterior texture coating

  • Reinforced HeliBars installation

  • New top texturing

Interesting facts:

  • 380 liters of paint
  • The brick textured fence around the property had the total area of an average size 4×2 residential property

Painting project at Kensington 

Challenge: Client requested a fresh look for the home interior.


  • Living room was repainted

  • French door got a new look with a white coating.

  • Wooden door was coated with oil

Residential painting project at South Perth


  • Exterior walls were prepared and texture coated

  • Windows came from factory undercoated and two layers of Dulux top coat gloss were added