Painting educational facilities

Painting Services for Educational Facilities in Perth

Delicate Painting is uniquely suited to provide high quality painting services for schools, universities, training institutions, libraries. Facilities remain open and safe throughout each project. We know what it takes to keep the school environment safe, especially during the lunch breaks in high traffic areas. Safety is our first concern.

OH&S and Quality Control

Occupational Health and Safety is very important to Delicate Painting, therefore we make sure safety procedures are followed all times. Since the beginning we have implemented a WHS (Work Health Safety) Management Plan to ensure all tasks and jobs are being proceeded cautiously. Also we are using Quality Inspection Plan to ensure each job meets customer satisfaction.

Project coordination

Commercial painting projects are complex situations requiring experience in a wide variety of materials, techniques and logistic conditions. A commercial painting contractor must have skilled applicators, knowledgeable job superintendents and an inventory of equipment with which to complete the project. Delicate Painting has got a Project Manager for each project undertaken.

Final inspection

We carry out a thorough Inspection process. Each job will be checked per Quality Inspection Plan near completion and detailed typed out ‘Touch Up’ list will be presented to you. Ensuring our painters are doing everything right the first time, and that your finished product is always going to be of the highest standard.

Materials we use

Delicate Painting uses only best quality paints and materials on the market. Constantly we are working closely with paint manufacturers to get the new improved products to the customers.