Residential Painters Perth

Perth Residential Painters

Are you looking for residential painters Perth? Whether you are building or renovating a place to call home for years to come, we help you to paint it from start to finish.

With excellent customer service and the best materials available, we are your true Perth painters.

Colour consultation is a part of our residential painting service. With decades of experience both in the Scandinavian and the Australian painting industry, we are confident we can help you out with picking out the right materials and colours, in harmonious tones that you and your family will be truly happy with.

Environmentally friendly painting packages available

We always use quality paints. The detailed quote from us includes an environmentally friendly painting package as an upgradeable option.

Our philosophy is to think and act like owners

Our experienced painters take care of your property as if it is our own. You do not have to worry about moving and covering things to protect them from possible paint drops.

When prepping a home that is already being lived in for an interior painting job, we take photos of the property’s current condition first. When necessary, we move and cover up the furniture, plants and other items if there is even a slight danger of making paint drops. When finished, we clean everything up and move the items back to their locations, like they were in the beginning.

That way your home will remain spotless and clean from possible paint drops in unwanted places.

We easily work around haphazard schedules

When needed, we can easily work around a haphazard schedule. Be it due to other tradesmen, a moving company, or simply what suits you, our job site supervisor makes sure the job gets done during your preferred hours.

``Every brush stroke we do, every wall we roll, every job we finish - we do it with one purpose. To create emotions.`` - Rauno Kuus, owner/painter of Delicate Painting.

House painters Perth

Exterior house painting in Perth is something we are happy to do. We take every step to protect your property from getting paint in places it should not be. We cover up every possible surface where paint spray may reach. This includes cars, fences, stairs, windows.

For working on multi-storey houses we have an EWP (Elevated Work Platform) licence to operate scissor and boom lifts. The height or accessibility of your property is not a problem for us. We get the job done on the exterior just as easily as on the interior.


Exterior house painters Perth

You are welcome to get in touch with us when something on your property needs a repaint. We cover all aspects of interior and exterior painting in the Perth area and surrounding suburbs. Whether it is tile painting or render repairs, wall, fascia, or gutter, door, window, or a fence.


Decorative finishes

Special finishes can add the WOW! effect and enhance the entire look of your property. We provide a wide variety of decorative finishes, so you can always count on us to deliver the stunning result you expect. We can also help with feature walls.

Here is just a small list of finishes we have done on residential painting projects in Perth.

  • Metallic
  • Stone
  • Chalkboard (can be coloured)
  • Chalk emulsion rust
  • Glow-in-the-dark

And many more options are available to liven up the walls and surfaces in your home.

We use only premium materials

We use only the best materials the painting industry offers.

Dulux is our recommended brand, as their premium product range has proven themselves to us and our clients through the years.

Many Dulux products are low odour & low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds, which contribute to atmospheric pollution).

However we can work with every other paint manufacturer you prefer.


OH&S and quality control

Occupational Health and Safety is very important to Delicate Painting. We ensure that safety procedures are followed at all times.

Since the beginning, we have implemented a WHS (Work Health Safety) Management Plan to ensure all tasks and jobs are proceeded with cautiously. We also use a Quality Inspection Plan to ensure that each job meets your highest satisfaction.


Detailed final inspection

Each job we take on will be checked near completion as per the Quality Inspection Plan. This ensures that our painters have done everything right the first time. The result will be of the highest standard.


How to get in touch with us?

If you are looking for Perth residential painters, please call us on 1300 766669 or send an enquiry via contact form or e-mail We will arrange an inspection in your earliest convenience.