Are you looking for residential painters in Perth?

Whether you are building or renovating a place to call home for years to come, we will help you to paint it from start to finish. Our expertise is exterior and interior painting, single-storey or multi-storey buildings.

You are welcome to get in touch with us when something on your property needs painting. We cover all aspects of interior and exterior painting in the Perth area and surrounding suburbs. Whether it is tile painting or render repairs, wall, fascia, or gutter, door, window, or a fence.

Our experienced painters take care of your property as if it is our own. You do not have to worry about moving and covering things to protect them from possible paint drops.

Multi-Storey houses

For working on multi-storey houses, we have an EWP (Elevated Work Platform) license to operate scissor and boom lifts. The height or accessibility of your property is not a problem for us. We get the job done on the exterior just as easily as on the interior.

Health & Safety

Occupational Health and Safety is essential to Delicate Painting. We ensure that safety procedures are followed at all times.

Since the beginning, we have implemented a WHS (Work Health Safety) Management Plan to ensure all tasks and jobs are proceeded with cautiously. We also use a Quality Inspection Plan to ensure that each job meets your highest satisfaction.

How do our Perth Painters work?

  1. Get a free quote by filling in the form on our website.
  2. Our professional house painters will get back to you to inspect your property & hear more about your expectations.
  3. Based on your requirements and current state of your property, we’ll find the best solution to get started with your painting project that is tailored for your needs and budget.
  4. We will create a timeframe that suits with your plans, schedule and deadline
  5. To make sure you’ll get the expected result, our Perth residential painters will offer you a complimentary colour consultation.
  6. We will prepare your home carefully to protect your belongings. We take photos of the property’s current condition first. When necessary, we move and cover up the furniture, plants and other items if there is even a slight danger of making paint drops.
  7. Our Perth painters will start working!
  8. Our careful and detailed final inspection will give you peace of mind that paint jobs have completed based on Quality Inspection Plan and with attention to detail. This ensures that the work has delivered to the highest standards.
  9. When finished, we clean everything up and move the items back to their locations, like they were in the beginning.
  10. We aim for the long-lasting results and offer a 7-year warranty for our residential painting projects.

“Every brush stroke we do, every wall we roll, every job we finish – we do it with one purpose. To create emotions.“
– Rauno Kuus, owner/painter of Delicate Painting.

Additional Options

If required, we can organise professional cleaners who will provide quality cleaning services.

Special finishes can add the WOW! effect and enhance the entire look of your property. We provide a wide variety of decorative finishes, so you can always count on us to deliver the stunning result you expect. We can also help with feature walls.

Here is just a small list of finishes we have done on residential painting projects in Perth.

  • Metallic
  • Stone
  • Chalkboard (can be coloured)
  • Chalk emulsion rust
  • Glow-in-the-dark

And many more options are available to liven up the walls and surfaces in your home.

We always use quality paints. The detailed quote from us includes an environmentally friendly painting package as an upgradeable option.

Though all of our packages include complimentary colour consultation, we can organise a professional Dulux full qualified interior designer. You’ll receive a colour consultancy report on the products and colours recommended, and most importantly, complete confidence in your final colour selection.


It really depends on many different circumstances, for instance

  • whether it’s an interior or exterior painting project in Perth
  • is there work at heights involved, scissor or boom lifts, scaffold
  • how much prep does it need, more prep more labour hours

Therefore, it is hard to put a price tag on painting as every job is different. Call experienced painters in Perth and we can help you.

Most of our commencement dates are fitted in convenient timely manner depending on the scale of the jobs. Smaller and easier jobs can be started as quickly as in a few days or one week, larger jobs would need planning ahead and working through the workflow and liaising with local council for the access equipment etc.

After our qualified painters in Perth have seen the job and took the measures and relevant details we can provide you a time range, for example this job would take at least 2 weeks, but no longer than 2.5 weeks.

Usually when the commencement date is in near future we don’t ask deposits, however we might require progress payments after a milestone and the full amount to be paid on completion of works

Our dedicated residential and commercial painters in Perth are happy to assist you with colours and talk you through different options and then narrow it down to a few samples which you can try on the surfaces to get a better idea.

The other option would be a professional DULUX colour consultant who has better knowledge and skills and asks a reasonable fee for the service.

Please click here to see our portfolio, have a look at our Google Reviews and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!