Best tips on choosing paint for residential house

The temperature of your house affects the performance of the paint. The list below is a recommendation according to the Australian climate.  Surface temperatures can vary from the weather temperature and must be above 10°C and below 35°C throughout the full painting process. Remember the painter's rule; if you wouldn't hang the washing out or wash the car, don't paint outside.   In general, paints fall into two different segments: Water-based paints Pros: Not as toxic as oil-based paints, quick drying time, easy to apply, non-yellowing, elastic - plays with temperature. Cons: Appearance on doors and frames not as good...

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Best tips on painting your house in Perth – what should you consider?

In Perth, typically spring begins in early September with Summer finishing up in late February. During this period, people tend to hire painters to get their residential property done. There are often great conditions during the autumn for painting, but most locals tend to stick to spring and summer. The winter months are usually booked for interior works as trying to paint exteriors in the winter may cost you quality over the years. During the spring and summer, the paint will dry more evenly. Seasonal changes High humidity and the wet season are not preferred for exterior painting. Seasonal showers...

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The Pre-Painting Checklist: Everything You Need Before The Painters Arrive

When it comes to booking exterior painters for your home, you should be making an essential list of all the things that you need before the painters arrive. Exterior house painters in Perth are here to help you to get your home looking fresh and clean again, especially if it has been affected by the weather, debris from nature or natural wear and tear. Your home deserves a refreshment, but it only goes smoothly if you understand what to do before the painters arrive. Preparing your home for painters in Perth is a smart thing to do. Not only will you avoid any extra...

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How to prepare your house for exterior painting

Exterior painting isn't just about slapping some paint on. It's all about the hard work done before the brush is even taken out of its package, something that the best exterior painters Perth know all about. Painting an inadequately prepared surface will cause more problems than you realise. Preparation is always crucial, and here's how you can prepare your house for exterior painting. (more…)

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Signs it is time to repaint your home

We often tend to forget about the exterior of our homes, especially during the colder months. After all, we spend more time in our bedroom and living room, and so it can be easy to forget about the condition of the exterior of your property. However, this is the first thing that people will see when they approach your home. Plus, the exterior of your house needs even more care when you consider the fact that it is battling the elements on a daily basis. With that being said, read on to discover some of the key signs that you...

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How to Prepare a Room for Painting

Whether you are taking the DIY route to paint your house, or you’re looking to hire professional painters in Perth, taking the time to prepare a room for painting is essential. By preparing the room, you make sure that you only get paint where you want it. It also makes your painting job safer, as well as neater. If you're about to embark on painting a room, or having it painted, here's how you can prepare. (more…)

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What Factors To Be Considered While Choosing Quality Materials When Painting

Why it’s important to choose quality materials when painting

When you’re repainting a room, renovating a property or building a new house, choosing your new paint and colour scheme might be one of the most exciting parts. However, there’s more to consider than colour when it comes to paint. Whilst the shade and tone of the paint will, of course, be a high priority, the quality of the paint matters too. As well as selecting the right type of paint, you’ll want to opt for a manufacturer who produces paint to a high standard. (more…)

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