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Hospitality Painting Services Perth

Our team can work out the most suitable painting schedule so that zero to very minimal disruptions will affect your guests stay. Working room by room or section by section means you can maintain your steady customer flow and business as normal. We can use low odour coatings and work flexible hours to have minimal impact on your business.

Restaurants and cafes

It is important to have a moisture resistant coat in your restaurant kitchen as all the steam and heat and grease makes the paint easily to peel. Also a highly washable and durable coat makes it easier to wash off the grease. Delicate Painting protects all your kitchen surfaces with protective plastic or clean drop sheets as we know how harmful any pieces of construction waste might do if it’s found in the food. We can use low odour coatings and work flexible hours to so it will have minimal impact to your business.

Clubs and bars

Contact Delicate Painting for a special colour scheme or decorative finish.

We specialise in:

  • New restaurant painting
  • Kitchen painting
  • Repaints
  • Interior/ exterior painting
  • Feature walls and special effects
  • Render repairs
  • Timber floors, windows, decks.
  • Fascia/Gutters/Eaves
  • Two pack epoxy coatings
  • Tile painting

OH&S and Quality Control

Occupational Health and Safety is very important to Delicate Painting, therefore we make sure safety procedures are followed all times. Since the beginning we have implemented a WHS (Work Health Safety) Management Plan to ensure all tasks and jobs are being proceeded cautiously. Also we are using Quality Inspection Plan to ensure each job meets customer satisfaction.

Project coordination

Your project is managed by a professional and friendly Job Site Supervisor who is assigned to oversee your entire painting project from start to finish. Your Job Site Supervisor will keep you informed on the status of the project, answer your questions and address your concerns.

Final inspection

We carry out a thorough Inspection process. Each job will be checked per Quality Inspection Plan near completion and detailed typed out ‘Touch Up’ list will be presented to you. Ensuring our painters are doing everything right the first time, and that your finished product is always going to be of the highest standard.

Materials we use

Delicate Painting uses only best quality paints and materials on the market. Constantly we are working closely with paint manufacturers to get the new improved products to the customers.