How to Make your House Interior Look Spacious with Paint

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Small rooms can sometimes be tricky to decorate, and the colour used on the walls makes a  lot of difference in the overall appearance of the room. The smartest way to alter the look and feel of your house is by revamping it. All you have to do is change the colours of your walls with a fresh coat of paint. But how would you know which colour to use so that the room would look bigger? It is not very difficult as you may think, and the outcome will blow your mind once you fall in love with your space all over again.

In an attempt to make the room look more spacious by painting it, choose the best painters in Perth to do the job. Apart from this, there are few things you need to keep in mind which include the right paint colour, the shine level of the paint and the unique colours you opt for your space. Lighter natural shades are always recommended as they will brighten up your space, making feel like walls look wider. You can also try a combination of white and neutral colours indoors to help open up the room.

Here are a few easy painting tips to lighten up your room and improve the size of your space:

Light Colours

It is well known and accepted fact that lighter cool colours do wonders to your wall and open up space. Just remember to use the right mix of combination to feel the difference. Pick natural white or combination that will give your room a welcoming atmosphere.  Make sure you take the help of professional painters in Perth for smooth finish and touches.

Use White Colour Mouldings

To give more depth to your interior, it is preferred to paint your trim and mouldings in whites or off-whites. Thus, making your walls appear further away. For a contemporary look, try painting the walls of your house in glossy white to make it appear elongated.

Pick the Monochromatic Colour Scheme

To experience this, try to paint trims, walls, and ceilings in different shades of the same colour to help blend these colour elements. If you use shades of white colour, it will definitely make your space appear modern.

Go for Cool Colours

Cool colours reflect light slightly less, but add design feel to your home. The most popular cool colours used for rooms include darker blue shades, green and combinations of cool gray. These colours will add your home a calm-relaxing nordic vibe while making your space look more spacious.

Use of Quality Paints

For the quality painting finishes and touches, it is essential to choose premium range paints. Low-quality paints are unwashable and fade in a few years. Re-paint will be needed in 3 years time whereas premium paints need refreshing in 7 or even up to 10 years. Whichever brand or colour you decide to pick, ensure that paint has some shine on it. Don’t commit the mistake of choosing everything high gloss. Always pick the paint with a little shine on it – just enough to reflect some light.

Few Don’ts

Never use colours such as red, dark blue, dark purple or anything with a hint of grey or brown. Though these colours make your room appear cozier, they do not reflect the light. 

We hope that the above blog provides you with adequate information on how you can make your house look more spacious with the right selection of colours. If you’re planning to repaint your house or looking for reliable and dynamic painting contractors in Perth, you can consider us for full painting service.

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