Guide to rental property painting in Perth

Learn the best ways to paint your rental property – with advice from the painting experts

For successful landlords, the benefits of painting their rental properties are bountiful. Not only will they ensure they appeal to as many potential high-quality tenants as possible, but it is an affordable way of keeping your property in the best possible condition over the long term. 

Unfortunately, painting a rental property can be trickier than it first seems. The good news is you can get some expert hints and tips on how to make this task as successful as possible, below. 


Choose the right shades 

While your personal preference may run to bright and bold tones, when painting rental property neutral colours are best. This is because you want your property to appeal to as many potential renters as possible. Something it won’t do if you inject too much of your own personality into the decoration. To that end, opting for off whites, tans, and greys is always a much better option than bright hues, pinks, or bold patterns. 

Pick the right kind of paint 

Not all paints are created equal, especially when it comes to the choice that you as a landlord should make. Indeed, some types of paint like semi-gloss are a much better investment in a rental property because they are easier to clean. This means any dirt or scuff marks that accumulate as tenants move in or out can easily be wiped away, something that can save you from needing to repaint at every tenant changeover. 

Before you paint – prepare 

Most people are so concerned about getting the walls painted, that they forget a vital stage in the process – preparation. Your preparation should involve using drop cloths to cover furniture that cannot be moved as well as the floor, as well as taping off the areas where you don’t want the paint to go. 

There is also a specific process that needs to be followed here which involves painting the trims in a room first. Then only once they have dried, moving on to painting the walls. 

Invest in the right tools 

It’s hard to do a good job at painting a rental home if you don’t have the right tools at your disposal. You may need more than a brush or two to be successful here too. 

In particular, rollers can be helpful as they allow you to paint larger areas more quickly, and provide an even finish. 

Paint sprayers are even better as they can make short work of a usually high effort painting job. However, because of their cost, they are most suitable for landlords that have an entire home to paint in a short space of time. 

Finding painters in Perth

Of course, if your time as a landlord is too precious to spend painting your properties, you can always call in some help from the experts instead. 

After all, here at Delicate Painting, we offer commercial and residential painting services from experienced and expert professionals. Also, unlike other painters in Perth, we only use the best materials, and always thoroughly prep before a job.

If you are looking for commercial or residential painters in Perth,  you should give us a call on 1300 766669 today.