Bring harmony to your home with a single colour theme!

Bring harmony to your home with a single colour theme

Bring harmony to your home with a single colour theme!

We hope you find the following information useful, and that it helps you to make better decisions regarding your residential property. In addition, you will understand the benefits of using a monochromatic colour theme at your home.

These days, we have so many options to choose from, and deciding colours for residential painting can be quite a challenge. Premium paint and painting work that is delivered by skilled painters is essential. Delicate Painting Company is professionally trained to meet the highest painting standards for both residential and commercial properties across Perth.

Is it common to use a single paint colour across the home?

When it comes down to interior design and decor, we all try to stand out with our home. A common misconception that homeowners often have, is that they think applying single colour on their walls will just look too blank. We can assure that most of our work gets done using one or two base colours.

Where to start?

By understanding what colours you tolerate, you can start narrowing down your options. In the first exploration round, it’s best to choose multiple colour candidates and play around with paint samples. We recommend to always prefer premium Australian materials over low-quality products and test it in your real home environment if possible.

Simulate real environment

You should take into consideration natural light that shines into your rooms during the day and think about the seasonal trends. Make sure you play different scenarios where you change painted test parts out and leave them for a few days and come back again, to make the right decision.

Think of your chosen colour, and if it lets you focus. It must be neutral and natural for all the people who will live there. Especially during COVID, we want to focus on ourselves and inner harmony while we are at home relaxing, watching TV or home-working. Remember, that vibrant colours will probably distract you more than a single neutral colour.

Use the same colour with different shades

Give your paint an impression by adding a second colour. We advise you to contact us as we are Dulux official partners in Perth.