Can the colour of your paint affect your mood?

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In case you’re frequently anxious in your home or are experiencing difficulty falling asleep in your bedroom then there is uplifting news, it may not be you! Think about how certain colours make you feel. How they can influence any emotion, from tranquillity to rage. In this post, we share some proven tips that help you make better decisions for your home, that suit your lifestyle. 

Remember, each colour has psychological worth. To create your harmony, pick colours carefully, as some colours may have a contrary impact. Right colour choices can boost your mental wellbeing.


In an entryway, bright and glossy colours create a strong first impression. These days it’s quite common to express your lifestyle and spice up your life. 

 If you need an easygoing entrance, that is also classic, use neutral greys and whites. Dulux paint offers a great range when it comes to classic Australian looks.  


In these uncertain times, where we spend more time than ever at home, it’s important to focus on yourself and take time to unwind: A dusty rose boudoir is both relaxing and romantic. A classic would be darker greys and navy. Recently Scandinavian pallets have started to pick up in the Australian trend.

 Living Room

To keep the calm: Brush on a soothing and sophisticated navy blue. A new trend is also a combination of classic white hue and earthy greens that are soft in colours, but create a design look. This invites a natural aesthetic to your home. 


As the kitchen is the central hub of activity in a home, it needs to match with the rest of the design. For example, if you opt for earthy colours in your living room, it’s recommended that you add more tonal contrast in the kitchen to help to connect spaces. You would be surprised how much difference it can make. 

If you are unsure of what might be best for your home, you can always contact us for a colour consultation, and we can order samples to test in your environment. Delicate Painting Company has experience with all sorts of properties, starting from residential apartments to luxury mansions. We are fully licensed and trusted painting contractor in Perth.  

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