Latest Colour Trends to Look Out For in 2021

In 2021 it’s all about nurture, and redefining your home as a place to retreat and reset. The latest colour palettes promote a comforting and relaxing environment, and we all need it after the stress of this year. If you’re looking to refresh your home or business you can find both commercial and residential painters in Perth. Find the right painting contractor to get your place up to date with the colour trends in 2021. Professional Perth painters can help you create a warm and nourishing space, to work, relax and be inspired. Choose your perfect colour scheme with painters in Perth for next year. Here is an overview of the colour forecast 2021.

Retreat, comfort and security

The colour palettes of 2021 embrace the new way in which we see our homes. We are now spending much more time at home, and instead of merely a place to rest, our home is multi functional as an office, playground and safe retreat. Residential painters in Perth can help you recreate your home, in order to accommodate all these new functions.

The main colours forecast to suit this concept in 2021 are neutral greys combined with deep blues and whisper whites to create a soft and contemporary look. These also balance well with natural earthy, sustainable materials which are trending for furniture and furnishings. The idea is to blend a stylish, modern office with the comforts of home. 

Nourish, nurture and revitalise

Your home is a place to unplug, indulge, and nourish the soul. Next year, warm tones and neutrals will be used to build a nurturing atmosphere, with playful accents of greens and yellows to inspire creativity. Perth painters can revitalise your home, and make it a refreshing place to unwind, and unlock your potential.

In 2021, it’s all about drawing on natural touches and textures and relying on tacticality for comfort. Soft and round edges help to enhance the flow between decor and furniture and create a safe, tranquil environment. Deeper earthy tones and natural materials complete the look.

Uplift, renew and reset

We renew ourselves as we adapt our homes to the new normal. Uplifting colours and retro influences create inspiration in this time of transition. A nostalgic look to the past gives you the energy to move on with positivity, and look forward to new adventures and discoveries.

The colours forecast to inspire this sense of renewal are strong bolder tones such as uplifting blue-greens and energetic reds. These are then offset with refreshing neutrals and whites. Darker reds, pinks and purples also come into the mix. Residential painters in Perth can help you use these colours to redefine and personalise your space.

Update your home with the latest colour palettes of 2021 with the best painting contractor in Perth. Blur the lines between your home office and play. It’s time to redefine your home as a place to retreat safely and be inspired. For more information about commercial or residential painters in Perth, get in touch today