Ideas for renovating during COVID-19

If you’re looking for inspiration for renovating a residential or commercial property, then you’ve come to the right place. Perth painters can now offer a delivery service which promotes safety during COVID-19. This includes both interior and exterior painting services.

As well as residential painters in Perth, commercial painters in Perth can also offer renovation services for businesses. A painting contractor can help to provide advice and inspiration for renovating during COVID-19. Here are some ideas for different types of property.

Residential Painters Perth

The current season is good for painting, seen as the weather is not that hot at the moment. Before you start painting, it’s recommended to get a colour consultation from an expert painting contractor. It’s also important to think of health and safety first. Ensure the company you hire uses the proper equipment. At Delicate Painting we ensure that all safety measures are in place according to the project and written standards in Western Australia.

Exterior Painting + Internal Ideas

Painters in Perth can help you renovate both your exterior and interior. For exterior painting, it might actually be an ideal time to have this done. You could also consider painting all your home’s doors and gates. This will give a more complete finish.

Internal ideas for renovation could include painting everything from walls to ceilings to cabinets. Freshly painted cabinets, for example, are a great way to bring a kitchen to life. It’s an easy task to manage in the time of COVID-19 as well, with many Perth painters offering delivery services.

Commercial Painters Perth

COVID allows delivering painting jobs for office environments as well as residential. This means commercial renovation is also possible. Commercial painters in Perth also offer both interior and exterior paint jobs. During COVID more painters in Perth also work evenings and weekends and can offer flexibility.

A good idea for commercial properties is to plan room by room. This will allow your company to maintain and steady customer flow and keep business running as usual. Commercial painters in Perth can offer consultations on colours and materials as well. A fresh paint job can be one of the best ways to attract potential clients.

Common Areas + Hallways

It’s recommended to use protective paint for highly used areas. This is due to the level of traffic in common areas and hallways. If you’re looking to upgrade your walls and ceilings in common areas of your commercial property, you need to think about fire safety. Protective paint or coating allows for the least spread of fire.

In order to successfully renovate a residential or commercial property during COVID-19, the most important thing is to adhere to safety regulations. You can then work with a painting contractor to choose the right colours and materials for you. Give your home or business the touch up it needs.

If you’re in need of painters in Perth, Delicate Painting is now offering delivery paint job services for both residential and commercial properties. Our expert painters can give you all the advice you need. For more information on renovating during COVID-19, get a free quote today.