Making your office more attractive with a new repaint in 2020

Perth office repaint project

In this post, we explore options on how to refresh your existing business environment and what should be considered before hiring painting professionals. Whether it’s a small office or a commercial building with active tenants, we hope you will find useful tips for making the right decision for your next painting job. Note that these are only general guides and it’s always best to contact us for a free consultation.   

Making the office environment more attractive

How do we make our office more attractive? It’s one of the most common questions that painters get asked from business owners. Unfortunately, there isn’t any universal technique that applies to everyone, it all depends on the office type and usage of a common area. For comparison, an average dental clinic orders refreshment regularly compared to telemarketing office, as they have daily clients who use the rooms. Therefore they need to express their quality to stand out. 

How long will it take to repaint the office interior?

Once the pre-works are done, painters can repaint an office interior in a couple of days to a week. It’s possible to schedule repainting for the weekend or adjust work over several weekends, this way repainting doesn’t disturb usual business hours. The delivery time also depends on the existing condition of the property and if the office is fully furnished. If you don’t have free space to store your office equipment you don’t need to worry. Our Delicate Painting professionals have all the necessary gear for moving and covering your valuables while they apply new coats of paint to your office.

Custom paint jobs for offices

Depending on your business industry and ordinary activities, you may want to consider different types of paints. For instance, if you have an office with a waiting room for guests that gets a daily usage, it’s good to use paint that is both durable and washable for the environment. It doesn’t mean you have to apply durable paint for every room but for those that have higher usage, it’s reasonable to consider paints that are designed for it. Secondly, you may want to add some specific elements or company brand-specific designs to stand out with consistency from your local competition. You would be surprised how professionally painters can add details to your interior.

Check if your business insurance covers painting

It’s wise to check your insurance policy before planning a new office repaint. Depending on the contract you have, it may be that insurance covers some damaged areas. This way licensed local painters can help you with providing suitable documents for the insurance company later on. Delicate Painting Company is a fully approved and licensed Master Painter in Perth.

Who we are

Delicate Painting Company is a local commercial painting service provider who covers the painting for independent businesses in Perth. We understand the necessity of well-painted office environments from small to large companies. With every painting project, we provide various designs and colour consultations, all of which can be tailored to your business needs.

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