Increasing Your House Value with A New Paint Job

interior painting

There are many tips on how to upgrade your home or commercial property. Whether you are looking to new up areas of your home that has been ignored for years, or if you are planning to put your house on a Perth market, adding fresh coats of paint can certainly increase your property value and appeal to potential buyers. Here are some tips that local painting contractors from Delicate Painting have put together.

Interior Home painting

As we know, natural light and wall colours of your rooms will dictate your mood and feelings subconsciously. Perhaps you feel that your living room repaint has postponed for quite some time or you may want to change the atmosphere with simply swapping the colours. There aren’t any right or wrong answers, as each individual absorbs information differently. If you are experiencing any of this above, but you don’t have the time and correct tools, our Delicate Painting Professionals will take care of your interior room painting in Perth. You will be amazed by how much difference a new coat of paint in your rooms will make.

Exterior Painting

No matter how many coats of paint you apply indoors, it won’t change the exterior look of your home. Study shows that most of the Australian homeowners will put exterior painting off until it becomes problematic. By not taking care of sun-damaged walls on time will result in property damage and is often more expensive to fix. You may experience rotten wood and cracks on your exterior walls.

If however, you are looking to put your hose on the market, by adding fresh coats of paint can make your property stand out in the neighbourhood. Imagine when someone arrives to inspect the property, and it looks like new. It is estimated that 75% of the total cost of a professional exterior painting job can be masked into asking price. That makes it a great way to increase your property value and prevent paint problems in the future for new homeowners.

Commercial Painting

If you own or manage commercial property that needs to be painted for new tenants or for sale, we will provide services that you need. As a local Perth Professional Commercial Painting Contractors, we have worked on a scale of projects and have the experience to deliver on time with the best quality. You can see our portfolio here