How to Prepare your House for Exterior Painting

Exterior painting isn’t just about slapping some paint on. It’s all about the hard work done before the brush is even taken out of its package, something that the best exterior painters Perth know all about. Painting an inadequately prepared surface will cause more problems than you realise. Preparation is always crucial, and here’s how you can prepare your house for exterior painting.

Fill In The Cracks

Not just in terms of your knowledge, but in terms of the exterior of the property! Ensuring that you fill all cracks and holes with filler makes the job easier. By filling cracks and holes with this in the trim, and the siding, before painting, this will make the paint job look better and last longer. If there are any cracks or holes in the surface, this will, over time, collect water. The paint will peel, and you’ll have to start all over again. It’s all about preparation, so be sure not to be done over by a lack of prep at the outset!

Get The Right Tools

If you are painting the exterior of your property, it’s likely that you will be getting quite high off the ground. This means you need a ladder, possibly even a scaffold so you can paint those hard to reach areas, while also being safe. It’s a very tricky thing, especially if the ground beneath you isn’t stable. And if you’ve got a ladder that steady on a concrete surface, it may sink into dirt or mud, especially as soon as you put your weight on it. On the other hand, the ladder might not move until you are very high off the ground! If you want to be safe, you need to know the lay of the land, literally!

Look Out Below!

Painting the exterior of a property means that you’ve got to be careful of what is below you. If you have pets at home, make sure they stay indoors. One blob of paint could be very damaging, especially to their eyesight. But you also need to think about the exterior of your property in terms of shrubs and plants. Paint can quickly dry up, and these little flecks could fall onto bushes, so be sure to use a lightweight canvas tarp. Make sure to remove the covering at the end of the day so the plants can get enough sunlight. If you have very delicate flowers or plants, consider putting them into temporary flower pots.

Be Careful Of Obstacles

Painting the exterior of a home is very tricky. If you have an abundance of obstacles scattered outside, like hose pipes or exterior outlet boxes, you’ll need to either remove them or tape around them. The important thing about painting the exterior of your home is getting and keeping the momentum up. It can take a long time to paint the entire outside of a property, and if you have to stop because of annoying obstacles, you’ve got to work safely.

As time-consuming as it can be to paint the exterior of a property, getting yourself prepared will make the job so much easier, and this is something that the best house painters in Perth know all about.