What Should you Consider When Hiring Painters in Perth?

Poor painting services will cost you money and frustration. Not knowing industry standards and using unqualified contractors may cause damage to your property or delays in the project.

Here are key tips on how to ensure that you get quality and long-lasting results.

Are they registered painters?

In Western Australia, there is a regulation that all the painting work valued over $1000 must be provided by a registered company or contractor. This will set standards and ensures that contractors have the skills, experience and financial capacity to deliver quality painting services. When choosing a painting contractor, confirm that they are a registered service provider and if they have a valid licence. Here you can find a list of authorised painting service providers in Western Australia including their licence expiry date.

Are they qualified painters?

All the qualified painters must have at least Certificate III in Painting and Decorating or an equivalent qualification. The relevant qualification provides a trade outcome in painting and decorating for residential and commercial painters. In addition to Cert III, it is possible to master their knowledge with Certificate IV or participate in courses that teach specific techniques.

Are they experienced painters?

All the painting companies declare their past projects in their websites and on their Facebook pages. By going through their previous record and reading proven reviews, you can have a glimpse of their expertise and customer satisfaction. Professional painters will also let you know if they do the kind of painting job, you want them to do. Are they into the interior and exterior painting, single or multi-storey homes, newly built homes and apartments, house extensions or commercial painting services?

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Do they belong to Master Painters Australia?

Painting companies who belong to Master Painters Australia simply can’t cut corners as only highly trained, licensed and experienced professionals are accepted to join this organisation. It will give you complete peace of mind, and you can be sure that your home or workplace is in good hands. Click here to see if painting company belongs to Master Painters Australia.

Do they have references to prove their experience?

Ask for references. A right painting contractor should not have any hesitation in providing you with recommendations. Some of the painting contractors will give you reference even before you ask for it. This will help you in reaching a matured and wise decision.

See our verified reviews on hipages or have a look at our Google Reviews.

Do they break up the workflow describing the products they will be using and what prep it involves?

You can’t underestimate the importance of preparation in the house painting project. Make sure that you know the company’s workflow and preparation procedure. As quality results depend on several factors, it’s crucial that painting company inspects your property with attention to detail before they give you any recommendations and provide you with a quote.

In that case, they can see the current condition of your property, the cracks they need to fill in, the old colour need to be removed, furniture they need to cover or relocate etc. After a detailed inspection, they can give you an estimated timeframe that it takes to complete the job and any other recommendations you need to consider for getting the long-lasting quality result.

Do they use quality materials? 

Using quality paints saves you time and money. Quality paints have the best coverage, durability and ease of working. If painting job has completed with high quality and using premium paints, you only need to paint your house once every five years instead of every second year which saves a lot of money.

We highly recommend Dulux colours as their quality is good and they also have environmentally friendly paints available.

Do they have insurance? 

Reducing the risks through safe work practices is essential. It is the contractor’s responsibility to have adequate insurance. If painting company has full protection, you can be sure that you and your belongings are in safe hands in case any uncertainties or accidents happen.

For example, we have public liability insurance including third party insurance, workers compensation insurance and product liability insurance that covers from damages valued up to $10 000 000.

Do they have a warranty? 

A warranty gives you peace of mind in case a problem occurs with a completed painting job. To protect yourself, make sure that your painting company offers a warranty. The period for the warranty varies but most common are 3 to 5-year warranties. Our warranty for new surfaces is 7 years and for old 5 years.


If you follow the recommendations above, your property is in safe hands. Just like we do here in Delicate Painting. Don’t hesitate to contact us and get your free quote today.