Key Differences between Residential Painting and Commercial Painting

If you’re looking for painters in Perth to decorate your home or office, you might be wondering what the difference is between commercial and residential painting. Some decorating companies specialise in one or the other, Delicate Painting offers both services to customers.

Though there are a lot of similarities, there are some differences between home painters and commercial painters which we will look at here.

The number of decorators required

Commercial contracts are usually much larger in scale. In this case, more decorators are needed to complete the job on time. Types of commercial contracts include schools, offices, apartment buildings, cafes etc.

Residential contracts have much smaller requirements, and can only fit a limited number of people in a standard size room. This helps to control costs while still getting everything completed as quickly as possible.

Additional painting services offered

As part of home decorating services, residential painters also offer a range of additional services you need to get the right finish. These include interior and exterior painting, painting of wood and metal finishes and the preparation of walls with sealant or filler before decoration.

The amount and type of paint used

Delicate Painting has great relationships with many leading paint suppliers, meaning that are always assured of great value. Large commercial jobs take a lot of paint and may require the used of different types of tools and equipment to get the job done in the space required.

The paint in your home is usually chosen for cosmetic purposes, with some flexibility built-in for cleaning etc. The paint used in home decorating is usually of very high quality.

Many commercial contracts focus on the durability and cost-effectiveness of the paint. That’s not to say that it is of inferior quality, but it is generally chosen to last, rather than be visually appealing if the areas to be painted are very large and use a plain colour. This helps to keep the costs down for businesses.


Some decorators who perform residential decorating jobs don’t have the skills required to complete complex, commercial decorating. This is because the scale is much bigger and can require a lot of specialist equipment to reach. Delicate Painting has all commercial and residential licenses to deliver the project. We also have collaboration with local equipment hire companies and get scissor lifts, scaffolds etc at a much better rate to keep overall project costs down.


When having your home decorated, you usually want this done within standard working hours, so that you can still use your home as usual in the evenings and weekends. However, a commercial client will want the opposite of this to minimise disruption to the business. Commercial paint jobs are often completed during weekends or evenings when their facilities are closed.

Delicate Painting

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