Are you looking to sell your property? Here are 4 easy tips to boost property value

sell your property

House staging

It’s a well-known fact that house staging could do wonders when it comes to first impressions from potential buyers. An easy staging in a living room with rental furniture and the right balance of light will add a cosy atmosphere. It gets immediately to the buyer’s mind, and they start to visualise what would be the rooms with their existing furniture or what are other creative ways to place accessories to make the room whole. There are plenty of materials over the online that describe principles of house staging and how to apply certain techniques in a particular situation or setup. If you are too busy or lack creativity, you can also hire a local professional.

Tidy up your property

Even easier step would be taking care of your garden and front appearance. Declutter any objects and junk from the property that doesn’t help with the sale. Buyers will get a positive feel once they see that property has been in good hands. They usually absorb it as one: garden, front entrance, condition of exterior walls, door and window frames, roof, etc. A good tip would be removing any stains from the front exterior walls. Again, visuals play a role, and it initiates comparison with other similar listings and options in the buyer’s mind. A plus point if your property stands out from neighbours.

Repaint your property

One of the best ways to boost your home sale is by giving it a repaint. New coats of paint not only look good but will have a long-lasting result that last decades and you can comfortably ask more for your property. How much you will need to invest depends on the existing condition. There are several ways how you can approach repainting. By doing full repaint, both exterior and interior, only interior or exterior. A combination of the front exterior, window and door frames with touch-ups from inside. The minimum you should consider is to fix all the settlement cracks, get rid of peeling/flaking paint and freshen up the high traffic areas with a fresh coat of paint. Entry and passage ways are to most used areas and it’s the first impression. It’s best to ask from your local residential painter, as they know how to deliver a project in budget with your goal in mind. You can contact one of the Perth residential painting providers here.


Please don’t confuse it with staging, fixtures are meant to stay. Whether it’s your bathroom that needs a little upgrade or any other room, right shelving saves space and adds an illusion of a bigger room. You could also play here with wall colours, to add more effect for elements, to stand out their best. Be warned that fixtures may push you over the budget, but done right, it will add experience that is in harmony with full interior. Depending on your property size and budget, rather keep it smart and simple. It needs to blend in, while standing out. For inspiration, it’s best to browse the Pinterest boards for home decor or interior design.

We hope this post helps you to make better decisions. If you need any assistance with colour consultation or you are not sure what needs to be painted, let us know. One of our friendly members from Delicate Painting can meet you at your property and offer a suitable solution that fits your budget.