Pre-Sale House Painting – Is it worth the Investment?

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When preparing your property for sale, there are several strategies to consider. Should I keep the property as-is and try to get the best market price? Should I do minimum tasks myself? Or should I find and engage professionals? It’s common to ask these sorts of questions because selling your house or apartment is a huge move and most of us sell or buy only a few properties in our lifetime.

Where to start

First of all, you need to know your intentions. Are you looking to get rid of the property, because it’s a burden or are you looking to gain profit? In both scenarios, you should critically evaluate the current estimated value of your property. You may want to browse listings in similar conditions and may even play a potential customer to real estate agents, to gain deeper insights that online listing doesn’t state.

Once you understand the condition of the same kind of property, you can compare listings and understand the difference in pricing.

Should I invest or get rid at all cost?

Based on your current financial situation, it’s smart to calculate all options available. It’s a fact that buying decision includes the following three factors:

  • Price compared to other similar properties
  • Location and surrounding areas
  • Visual condition of a property

If you are looking to sell fast and cost-effectively, you can turn around your current property condition with a simple clean and touch up or property re-painting. If you consider the dollar spend per square meter, versus property value increase per square meter, you will have a winning formula.

Not only do you increase the total value, but you stand out from your active competition with a quality listing. Few easy tricks from a sleeve can make a dramatical price increase to your property. This way, you can sell your property faster and save dollars for the new owners.

What are the new home buyers looking?

Most of the active home browsers are looking for the right opportunity where they can identify price compared to overall property value and condition. If your listing not only looks fresh but feels good, you are closer to making a win-win deal.

COVID-19 influence on Perth house sales

Forced property sales are likely once owners become unable to meet their monthly obligations to banks. Although banks are offering home loan repayment holidays, it does not help those in need. If the number of active real estate listings grows, there is more competition. The higher the competition, the more you need to stand out with your unique listing.

Engage professional painters

To maximise your return on the property, contact us today, and ask us how we could help with pre-sale painting service. We will go over different scenarios that suit your current needs and satisfy Perth home seeker demands.

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