Signs That You Need To Repaint Your House

House owners usually tend to adjust with conditions they live. That’s why we don’t notice the change in our living room or home exterior walls. Before you call to local painting professionals, we have listed out some of the conditions you may see to determine paint condition of your home. 

Fading & Outdated Colours

As our Aussie homes get a lot of heat and sun, it’s likely your exterior paint needs some refreshment. It’s simply because of UV breaks the paint down, resulting fading in the surface. Usually, darker shades of paint tend to fade faster. To understand the condition of the colour, look at the areas that are exposed less to the sun. 

Sometimes your paint may be in good condition, but it’s just outdated, and it decreases the value of your property, or your spouse is just not comfortable with its appearance anymore. If you are looking for property repaint, you can contact your local painting professionals.

Peeling & Cracking Paint

Peeling and cracking paint is the second most common issue that Perth painters need to tackle with. Over the years, local weather and storms have done their job, and due to low or no maintenance at all, your home walls are peeling or cracking off paint. It’s important to note that peeling may indicate some deeper issues in your home, like possible leaks or poor ventilation. If you are experiencing this issue, you can read our post on How to Fix Peeling Paint. Sooner or later, cracking paint will result in paint chipping that leads to holes in your walls. 

Unfortunately, damage to your home will only increase over time, so it’s best to DIY the project or ask help from the painting professionals. We suggest seeking help to prevent possible water damage underneath the surfaces. 

Hardened Caulk

Caulk is used in every construction, mainly for gaps around windows, doors, plumbing to prevent water, bugs or air from entering your home. Unfortunately, constant exposure to extreme heat and weather can damage caulk, and it hardens over time by causing possible leaks. It’s a good idea to add this to your annual house maintenance checklist. Usually, it’s hidden in the everyday environment, and when you need to change or fix caulk, you also need to redo the painting. 


Mould is quite common with older buildings and granny flats where rooms are poorly ventilated. A simple retouch with paint will result in mould growing underneath the fresh coat. If you have wooden sidings of doors and windows, it’s good to check them regularly and clean off any dirt on time to prevent them from damage. Also, any other wood structure that may be possibly collect mould over time. 

Repainting your home is quite a task and takes proper preparation, but once done, it will make a significant improvement to your everyday life. Fresh coats of paint don’t go unnoticed; everyone who enters your home will see it. Whether you need to repaint your home for potential buyers, a new tenant or just for yourself it’s always a good idea to list tricky areas where you need help and contact professional painters to nail it with the first time.