The Best Colours for Your Business Environment

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As commercial painters in Perth, clients often ask us what the best colours are for business premises. In other words, what colours are most conducive to productive work?

However, it turns out that there is no single colour scheme that will work for all companies. Different colours have different effects. Some impact things like mood and productivity, while others exert their impact on team cohesiveness.

Here are some of the best colours for your business environment and an explanation of what they mean.

Pink To Calm Everyone Down And Generate Positive Energy

Pink might have associations with a particular gender, but it turns out that it can have profound psychological effects too.

Chronic burnout – a condition that emerges when people work too hard for too long in stressful circumstances – is a big issue in the modern workplace. Pink, however, is naturally calming. What’s more, once people have been exposed to the colour once, they tend to remain in a calm state for the rest of the day.

Blue To Appeal To The Masses

Blue is probably humanity’s favourite colour, and when you think about it, this makes a lot of sense. We evolved under an eternally-blue sky.

Blue is also a hit in the office. As painting contractors in Perth, we’re often called out to help offices include more blue elements in their decor scheme.

Blue is particularly suited for common areas, such as conference/meeting rooms, kitchen area, lobbies and bathrooms. People consider light blue neutral and uplifting but not dull or oppressive.

Green For Creativity

Companies in the creative industry should take note: there’s growing evidence that green is an excellent colour for fostering creativity.

While green isn’t everyone’s favourite, most people like it nonetheless. Green is evocative of nature and being outside. It is, therefore, naturally stimulating, tapping into ancient brain circuits.

Research suggests that green can boost creative thinking. Many innovative companies, therefore, hire painters in Perth to add a splash of green to any location in the office where people are generating new ideas. Applications of green paint are most common in shared workspaces where employees come together to brainstorm new ideas. Both dark and light shades may improve thinking and help generate other positive feelings in the office, like admiration, trust, and acceptance.

Orange To Tell Your Customers You Offer Value For Money

Of course, the colours that you choose for your office don’t necessarily have to appeal to your colleagues; you can use them to woo new customers too.

Many people associate orange with value for money. Many companies, like Amazon and Home Depot, use this colour in their branding, primarily to instil the idea that they offer great value for money.

If clients come to your premises regularly, you could use orange paint to do the same.

BONUS Tip: Change Colours Often

The biggest threat to productivity in any workplace is boredom. Many painters and decorators, therefore, recommend that companies avoid using white altogether and regularly rotate between the positive, role-enhancing colours discussed above.

So, how will you paint your office?