Best Tips on Painting your House in Perth – What Should you Consider?

In Perth, typically spring begins in early September with Summer finishing up in late February. During this period, people tend to hire painters to get their residential property done. There are often great conditions during the autumn for painting, but most locals tend to stick to spring and summer. The winter months are usually booked for interior works as trying to paint exteriors in the winter may cost you quality over the years. During the spring and summer, the paint will dry more evenly.

Seasonal changes

High humidity and the wet season are not preferred for exterior painting. Seasonal showers decrease the quality, so avoiding wet seasons and rain is strongly recommended. If you get your house painted knowing it’s humid outside, there is a chance that paint may not dry completely. You don’t need the perfect weather or the perfect week, but you need a few dry days to ensure your house painting will last!

It’s important to remember that your house has to be completely dry before the paint is applied. After heavy rain, it can take around one to three days to ensure your exterior surface has completely dried.

Booking House Painters in Perth

If you are looking for your house to be painted or refreshed in the Spring or Summer, you need to enquire in advance with your chosen painters! Usually, painters can then speak to other tradespeople that are involved in the job and set their timeframes with enough time that your project will go smoothly. This will help tradies to work together and make sure that the job will be completed in a timely manner. In addition, it will help to avoid additional expenditure costs.

At Delicate Painting, our busiest months for exterior painting are from March to December when the weather is Dry. Please make sure you will contact us ahead of time since during the peak season there is more demand. You can also read about our Pre-Painting Checklist.