Best Tips on Choosing Paint for Residential House

The temperature of your house affects the performance of the paint. The list below is a recommendation according to the Australian climate.  Surface temperatures can vary from the weather temperature and must be above 10°C and below 35°C throughout the full painting process. Remember the painter’s rule; if you wouldn’t hang the washing out or wash the car, don’t paint outside.

In general, paints fall into two different segments:

Water-based paints

  • Pros: Not as toxic as oil-based paints, quick drying time, easy to apply, non-yellowing, elastic – plays with temperature.
  • Cons: Appearance on doors and frames not as good as with oil-based paints, might crack in high temperatures when applied to timber.

Oil-based paints

  • Pros: Melts together like glass, super-smooth results.
  • Cons: Yellowing over time, non-elastic (not suitable for exterior timber surfaces that are playing with temperature), toxic, long drying time.

Residential house painting paint usage recommendation:

Water-based latex paints –Mainly usage on interior ceilings and walls as they are with minimal smell. Walls that are in good condition – no mould or cracks, painters in Perth usually use low sheen paints. As it has light shine effect, it’s always best to check any imperfections first, as low sheen paints will state it out.

One major plus for Low sheen paint is that it’s durable, low maintenance and easy to clean.

Matt paints –Minimal sheen level. Generally used on surfaces that are a bit trickier, often situations where painters can’t restore the surface fully – older floors or larger surface walls, where there isn’t financially reasonable to plaster or re-build.  

Semi & full gloss paints– Doors, door frames, skirtings, handles, rainwater gutters and more detailed spots around the home. Another use for semi & full gloss paints would be high traffic facilities like hospitals and shopping centres. That type of paint is most durable and super easy to maintenance, but on average household, usage recommendation would be mainly window and door frames.  

Best paint brands usage recommendation in Australia 2020:

Interior Walls

  •       DULUX Wash and Wear – Superior washable finish & powerful stain resistance.

Exterior Walls

  •       DULUX Weathershield – very elastic paint what plays with temperatures avoiding it to blister, peel or crack.

Garage floors & home office

  •       DULUX Luxafloor range, also an option to add slip resistance coating.  EPOXY series for superb results and alatern.
  •       BERGER Heavy Duty Concrete Paint

Furniture, timber & decking

  •       INTERGRAIN UltraDeck – Exterior surfaces
  •       FEASTWATSON – Interior surfaces

Metal surfaces

  •       DULUX Metalshield EPOXY – Gutters, downpipes, metal fascia boards, meter boxes.
  •       DULUX Weathermax EPOXY -Wrought iron gates and fence. Mainly for the coastal areas.

Doors, window frames, skirting boards and architraves

  •       DULUX high elastic Weathershield semi or high gloss
  •       DULUX Enamel Gloss – available in both water and oil-based paints.

All primers undercoats, sealers and other preparation paint will be used from DULUX premium range. More information:

Paint calculator: