The Pre-Painting Checklist: Everything You Need Before The Painters Arrive

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When it comes to booking exterior painters for your home, you should be making an essential list of all the things that you need before the painters arrive. Exterior house painters in Perth are here to help you to get your home looking fresh and clean again, especially if it has been affected by the weather, debris from nature or natural wear and tear. Your home deserves a refreshment, but it only goes smoothly if you understand what to do before the painters arrive.

Preparing your home for painters in Perth is a smart thing to do. Not only will you avoid any extra surprises through extra charges on your bills, but you’ll also be able to get a more accurate quote for the painting work required on your home. You want the painters to arrive and get cracking with making your home look fantastic, and a pre-painting checklist is exactly what you need before they arrive.

Things To Remember

Painting a house is hard work, especially when it’s the exterior that needs to be painted. The weather has to be right, and you need to have the professional painters working on your home exterior so that you know it will be a job well done. Not only will you make the job more efficient for the painters, but you will ensure that it’s a paint job that will last decades. With that in mind, what should you consider before your painters arrive?

The Roof

Even though the painters may not touch the roof, you want the job to be a safe and secure one. Cracked roof tiles will ruin the aesthetic of any home, and if you’re having the exterior painted, it makes sense to look after the roof, too. Check it for any cracks and issues and have them replaced before the paintwork begins.

The Corners

The corners of buildings are often susceptible to rot and damage, so it’s essential to check these before painting. Otherwise, there is a chance that the paintwork cannot be completed, so it’s better to prevent it.

The Windows

Your house painters will be painting around the exterior windows, and if you’re refreshing the paintwork, there is a chance that your window openings aren’t in the best condition. Check the condition of the wood or plastic before work begins. While you’re at it, check the balcony joints for any erosion and make a note of what needs to be replaced.

The Pipes

Imagine getting the whole house painted only for a leak in the pipes to ruin the look! That would not be ideal at all, and you’d have to spend more money to start again. Instead, check the pipework before, and you can save a lot.

The Walls

Cracked, loose, or flaking paint can pose a problem before the paintwork begins. Wash the walls with a pressure washer and, once dried, use a small scraper to remove peeling paint. This way, the paint will adhere to the walls better, which make it easier for your painters.

The Rust

If there are any incidences of rust around the exterior of the home, it’s best to get this cleared away and cleaned before paint covers it and ruins the look.

The Clearout

Before painting begins, cover your flower beds with a tarp to avoid splashes of paint landing on your blooms. Move items around the windows out of the way; then you don’t risk having to replace your furniture because of a paint trip.

Delicate Painting is the go-to company for residential property owners in Perth. We are professionals, and we can provide help and support for all of the above issues with your house. Do you need your house painted in Perth? Call us now for more information!