Why It’s Important to Choose Quality Materials When Painting

What Factors To Be Considered While Choosing Quality Materials When Painting

When you’re repainting a room, renovating a property or building a new house, choosing your new paint and colour scheme might be one of the most exciting parts. However, there’s more to consider than colour when it comes to paint.

Whilst the shade and tone of the paint will, of course, be a high priority, the quality of the paint matters too. As well as selecting the right type of paint, you’ll want to opt for a manufacturer who produces paint to a high standard.

The quality of your paint and materials can have a significant impact on the overall outcome, so choosing a reputable manufacturer can give you the best results, in the most cost-effective way.

What type of paint is right for your project?

Wherever you’re decorating, you’ll want to ensure your interior painters in Perth use paint that is long-lasting and provides good coverage. If you’re decorating the outside of a property, however, you’ll want a paint which can stand up to environmental factors. Choosing good quality paint for exterior painting means you won’t need to repaint the property as often as you would if you use an inferior paint product. We can help you to make the right choice.

When house painters in Perth are painting certain external or internal features, they tend to opt for a gloss or semi-gloss finish. Often used on woodwork, high-quality acrylic gloss paints don’t typically emit vapours or odours, so no one has to worry about inhaling harmful fumes.

Alternatively, a matt finish is ideal if you want to cover surface irregularities or cosmetic damage, whereas a satin finish combines a low sheen finish with the ‘washability’ generally associated with gloss paints. Easy to wipe clean, many people opt for this type of paint in areas like kitchens and utility room.

With so many types of paint on the market, it can be difficult to know which option is right for you. When you’re renovating a whole property, for example, you’ll need to use a range of different paints to ensure you get the coverage you need and the finish you want. Similarly, different paints may require varying levels of surface preparation, so this is something to bear in mind too.

Getting professional help can be the easiest way to ensure you’re getting the right type of paint for your project. Whether you want the professional appearance of a high-gloss finish, durable external coverage or family-friendly, easy-to-clean paint in high traffic areas, our experienced painters can provide the advice and information you need.

Why does quality matter?

Once you know what type of paint you want, you can begin to consider the quality of the paint you’re choosing. Low-quality paints generally provide a poorer finish and it can take longer to apply them and for them to dry. In turn, this can extend the project and require more work to be carried out so buying the cheapest, low-quality paint available isn’t the most sensible option.

Of course, high prices don’t necessarily mean high quality, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to get great quality paint for your upcoming project.

Look out for the amount of pigment and binder in your paint, as top quality paints will usually have a higher volume of both. This gives a thicker finish when the paint is dry and often means you can use fewer coats when compared to lower quality paint.

In addition to this, high-quality paints should contain higher quality pigment, which is what gives the paint its colour. With high-quality pigment comes better durability and colour retention. If you’re painting the exterior of your property, for example, you’ll want to use paint with a high-quality pigment so that the colour lasts longer and isn’t faded or damaged by the wind, rain or sun.

Similarly, high-quality paints are generally available in environmentally-friendly formulas and have low VOC emissions. This minimises the amount of potentially harmful fumes emitted by the paint and prevents the production of damaging greenhouse gases.

Using high-quality materials

You can buy painting materials very cheaply, but these aren’t always the best quality and they may make the job more difficult than it needs to be. Good house painters in Perth know that cheap paintbrushes or rollers often have loose fibres, and these regularly detach from the brush or roller and end up on in the paint. Whilst it’s difficult to see the fibres when the paint’s wet, you’ll certainly notice them when the paint has dried and they’re stuck on your wall, ceiling or woodwork!

Many residential painters, including us, mainly use Dulux paint because it has a good reputation for quality and longevity. Dulux also comes in a wide variety of colours, so and finishes, so you can always get the result you want. Many other paint brands are cheap and use inferior ingredients, which can lead to a poor finish and fast degradation, so it’s important that you choose well, and as experienced house painters in Perth, we can help you do just that.

To find out more about choosing high-quality paint and materials for your upcoming project, why not contact us today?